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rras. It is some kind of family shindig that everyone goes to every year. He is going to drive up there tomorrow, but first, he is going to spend the day *and* the night with me. videos xnxx Mom and Bronwyn are going to be out of town until tomorrow about noon. Which, oh by the way, is when Marcus has to leave. So I went and started planning our little get together for here. I cannot *wait* xnxx japan to get him into Mom's *HUGE* bathtub all filled with bubbles and hot water. Now for the strange part. This www xnxx morning, Mom calls xnxx me in and tells me that she knows what I am planning, and xnxx desi that she approves of Marcus. xxx video xnxx jepang Not only that, but that she wants us to feel "safe" when we do "whatever it is that you are going to do". She bokep xnxx gave me a box of *condoms*. Condoms xnxx hd for goodness sake. This is my *MOTHER* and she is giving me *condoms*?? I was afraid to say the word in her presence when I was still Jack. Guess I have her blessing to go all the way. Amazing. And I have been *so* very xnxx teen careful xnxx india these past weeks with my birth xnxx com control pills. Well, better doubly safe than sorry, I guess. I did promise to use the condoms. porn xnxx I wonder if it as wonderful as those romance novels say it is? Guess I am going xnxx korea to find out. That's all for now. I have to go pick up Marcus at the xxx videos airport. End Journal Entry **************** In a hotel room overlooking the ocean, Bronwyn took xnxx korea xnxx anime a sip of her wine and then turned to look at her preoccupied friend. Shaking her head in exasperation, she snorted. "It was going to happen anyway, Laurel. All we did was make it more comfortable for them, and make sure they had the time to do it properly." And cast a few spells xnxx com/ on young Marcus to make sure he would do it well, often and potently. Smiling wanly at herself, Laurie sighed. "I know. We all do it for the first time once in xnnn our lives. And we had to get the first step of the final experience learning done, too." That reminded Bronwyn. "So, why did you give her those condoms? I thought the whole idea was to get her preggers, not increase the difficulty for those little wigglers of Mark's." That did make Laurie smile - a very self satisfied, conspiratorial smile. "I did it to make sure she or Marcus were completely uninhibited. You know as well as I do that xxnx no birth control will porno protect a Sister who, at the critical moment, wants the baby of the man making xnxx anime love to her. The power of her desire will cause the condom to leak or break. Just like the birth control pills will also fail." Laurel xnxx bokep grinned mischievously. "Ever stop to wonder how many of those mothers who fall into that 10% failure rate attributed to modern birth control tools are Sisters? No, I think we surmise that our Jacqui is now primed - prospective motherhood on the hoof. Especially since I am sure," and here her voice became saccharine sweet, "that sex video you have probably ensured that Marcus is a human sperm factory for porno the xnxx barat next day or so?" Bronwyn blushed vidio xnxx a bit, then grinned a indian xnxx bit. "Well, I might have given production a little help. Guess she's gonna xnxx telugu be a Mom, eh?" "Yes, she is. Goddess, xnxx desi but I am too young to be a grandmother." Laurie wailed. "Ah, love," soothed Bronwyn as she came over to cuddle her friend on the bed, "but you will be so good at it." And then proceeded to distract her friend, lovingly. **************** The feelings that Jacqui was dealing with as she stood indian xnxx in the airline terminal awaiting Marcus were just as mixed as xxn her Mother's were. On one hand, she missed him terribly and wanted to be with him all the time. On the other hand, his attentions reminded her of what she had lost when she had been Transformed. Jack had never gotten vina garut xnxx to as close to a girl as she was permitting Marcus to get to her. He was going to get very close, today, too. All the way, and where nature expected him to be when he made love to a woman. Even with the double barreled birth control she was planning to use, it still felt like xnxx selingkuh playing Russian Roulette, except that instead of putting a loaded gun xnxx sex to her head, she video xnxx was aiming a loaded penis at her uterus and ovaries. She'd reminded herself of all the xnxx indian potential dangers of xnxx video this decision over and over again. Especially since the girl in Austin had https // died, but in the end, it made no difference. She was going to make love with Marcus because she *needed* to make love with him. She still had not quite figured out why that was such xnxx stories an imperative, but she had finally accepted that it was. xnxx tamil She simply had no other choice in the matter. A moving mass site xnxx of humanity approached the main terminal from the arrival gate. A shout that sounded like her name got her attention and Jacqui turned toward japan xnxx the voice. It was Marcus. Suddenly, she was running video porno toward him and ended up jumping into his arms. The moment his arms closed around her and his lips met hers were a revelation. Everything became clear. Jacqui Donovan loved Marcus Arnold. Jacqui Donovan was *in love* with Marcus Arnold. The truth of it all scared the hell out of her, and she did what frightened women have done since cave days. She held on tighter to the man she loved. "Oh shit" she thought amid the wild whirl of emotions swirling through her, "What am I going to do, now???" Marcus ended even that limited thinking by kissing her again. Somehow, they made it to the house without having an accident or being stopped for speeding. They were barely through the door before they were tearing at each free porn other's clothes, trying to get skin to skin. Marcus was ready to consummate their passion right there on the floor when the memory of Bobbie gave Jacqui a moment of rational thought. Scrambling to her discarded purse, she found the box her Mother had given her and returned with the plastic packet. She tore it open, and then reverently and lovingly xnxx asia smoothed the condom over her lover's erection, making him groan in painful, delighted anticipation. Then, she went xnxx tv back into his arms, and xnxx. com they made love sex videos on the living room rug. zoo xnxx Excerpt from the Journal xnxx video of Miss Jacqui Donovan 1 Year 8 Months 22 days A. T. The words to an old rock and roll song that Mom loves keeps playing in my mind. xnxx .com "This girl is a woman, now. She's found out what xxnx its all about and she's learnin'... learnin' to live....." videos xnxx Who sang that thing...Plunket? No, he was a quarterback. Oh yeah...the name was Puckett - xnxx india Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. What a weird name for a rock group. Only in my case, maybe the song should go "This boy is nxxn a woman, now..". Hey, Bronwyn. I just made a joke about it. How about that? It is strange, though, while he was inside me? All xvideo I could think of was that *if* I was going to have a baby, I would want it to be his. When he nuzzled my breast and suckled my nipple, an image sex xnxx of his child sucking there was flashed across my mind's eye. Cripes, what is with me? These female hormones are really getting out of hand, here. Still xvideos . . . A baby. Hmmmmmmm. And I even managed to be submissively gay xnxx passive for him. Once. Sort of. But it was _damned hard_!!! Anyway, Marcus just left in a cab. He is going to his house xnxx mom to pick up a few things and to get his car. I xnxx vina garut wanted to drive him, but he said he wanted the last xxn thing he remembers of this wonderful day and night is me, lying naked and tousled on Mum's rumpled bed. What woman could resist a request like that? How could any man resist www.xnxx the appeal I made to him when he walked out tamil xnxx that door??? Maybe he could resist my somewhat blatant offer because of all the times we did it in the past eighteen hours. Good thing Mom gave me a full dozen of those things. We almost needed most xnxxcom of them. And it *is* wonderful like those romance novels Mom xnxx indo made me bokep xnxx read said it could be. Marcus is very, very good at it, and he listens to me while we are making love, so he is always doing *something* that feels good. I miss him already. Well, he is going to come back before returning to school. I will need more condoms. I'll get some more today. It will make me feel like a loose woman. Then I am going to take a nap. I have not had much sleep in the past few hours. End Journal Entry. ********************** The Chief of Investigations demanded to see the High Leader. He was so frightened, he did not bother to worry about hurting the feelings of the toad who guarded the High Leader's office. After being porn videos shown in, he moved quickly xvideo to the large desk and began without waiting to be given leave to speak. "High Leader, you ordered that you be informed immediately if something came to light with regard to the woman you have selected as the Mother of your Son." He handed the Leader a packet of surveillance photographs. "The young xxx xnxx sunny leone xnxx male is Marcus Arnold. He is the young man that she dated towards the end of her high school senior year. He attends college up in Oregon or Washington. xnxx porn We have not had him under surveillance xnxx. since he has not had prior contact with the girl xnxx movies since you ordered her watched again." "Until now." growled the High Leader as he shuffled through the packet of photos. "Until now," agreed the Chief. "Yesterday, she met him at the airport where they kissed quite passionately before returning to the girl's house. There was no sign of either of them until noon today www xnxx when the male left by taxi. I ordered a surveillance team on him and they are now following him. The girl left the house shortly after that and went to a nearby drug store where she purchased two large boxes of condoms." All color drained from Lancaster's face. "What did xnxx arab you say?" he growled in whispered tones. "Condoms, High xnxx hindi Leader. She purchased condoms." The Chief was fighting to maintain his dignity and professionalism, but it was damned hard when he xnxx jepang knew his next word could be his last. Lancaster was killing furious, now. "She made the purchase and returned to her home. She has not left since, although her Mother and Llewellyn have returned from the hotel they stayed at last night." "She is going to fuck that boy???" Lancaster xnxx sex videos roared. "She is xnxx 2019 the Chosen One. The Mother of my Son, and she xnx is going xnxx teen to give herself to a boy???" Lancaster's fist smashed into the desk top. His eyes burned with anger tinged with madness. The Chief silently steeled himself for the xnxx japanese killing blow he felt sure was xnxx com/ coming. The only reason he had delivered the report himself was in the hope that the High Leader would kill him out of hand, in a fit of fury. The alternative was to die as his xxnxx predecessor had, slowly xnxx 2019 and in great pain. However, Lancaster seemed to regain control xnxx jav of xxx video himself. Slowly, with great deliberation, he reseated himself at his desk and brought his hands xnxx com together to clasp them on xnxx cina the desktop. "I won't have it, Chief." he said soberly. "Where is the boy, now?" "Our indo xnxx followers reported in just before I came wwwxnxx in here, sir. He is heading into the mountains. Evidently his family has a large xnxx japan vacation home up in the high country." "He does xxx videos xnxx india not arrive at his destination, Chief. Have video xnxx the followers arrange an accident - a fatal accident. I want him dead within the hour or you and the followers will die sometime next month. Do you understand me?" The eyes were cold now, but it was a mad cold. The Chief lost control vina garut xnxx of his bladder mom xnxx and wet his pants. "Ye. . xnxx download ye . .yessir. I understand. It will be as you say, sir." and he ran from the room without being given leave to depart. ~-----------~ ******************* Jacqui stretched in her bed. She felt xnxx hd marvelous. Even the twinges in her belly, where muscles she never knew she had and Jack never did have, ached from the unusual exercise of the day before. Idly, she replayed the lovemaking in her mind. It had been so great. xnxx Whether it could have been so good for her as Jack, she did xnxx gay not know, but it no longer seemed to xnxx hot matter. She loved Marcus. Marcus loved Jacqui. She would be a fool to give xnxx indo that xnxx sex videos up for a japan xnxx penis in a poke. Jacqui Donovan was not any kind of a fool. The key question in her mind now was how to break the news that she was a witch to her chosen male. She had a really neat idea, too. Bronwyn xnxx bokep had said she could use the shape shifting spell on others as well as on herself. As long as they were close by, anyway. Well, Marcus xnxx download would be very close when she played her prank. She wondered how he'd react when he woke up after one of their love making sessions and found himself looking like Jacqui and lying next to a body that looked like Marcus? He'd freak, she thought happily. But, then he'd see the male genitals on "Jacqui" and the female genitals on "Marcus". It would be awkward, but Jacqui figured they'd xnxx indian make it work, somehow. "Jacqui?" Her mother was calling from downstairs. "You have a phone call. It xnxx video xnxx arab is Mrs. Arnold." Getting up, www.xnxx she xnxx sex video padded to her door. "I'll take it gay xnxx in your room, Mum." she called down. Laurie went back to her library to work on the logistics plan she was developing for the Sisterhood. With the Brotherhood was becoming so open in their attacks, they would need supplies and safe houses in the coming months. She had just begun to analyze the next set of requirements when Jacqui's scream of xnxx anime anguish tore through her. She was up the stairs and at Jacqui's side in seconds. Jacqui flew to her Mother and nearly strangled her with her embrace. "He's dead, Mum. Oh sweet lord, Marcus is xnxx vina garut dead." Stunned, Laurie simply held her daughter for long moments before she could even ask. "Marcus is xnxx porn dead? How, child?" Jacqui fought for control and eased her death grip on her Mother. "His... his brakes failed. Up in the mountains near xxx xnxx his parents' cottage. He could not control the car on one of the bends in the road. He crashed into a rail guard which broke and xnxx 2019 the car dropped into a canyon." "Goddess." Laurie whispered. The man who had taken her daughter's virginity, and who, according to Laurie's xxnxx healer senses, was the father of her grandson. Jacqui had gotten pregnant. She would not know it herself xnxx videos for a few weeks, but Laurie knew, xvideos and she would have to xnxx sex make sure her daughter did not lose that child in her grief. Maternally bullying the girl into bed, Laurie made her a special tea that xxx video would calm her without harming the tiny fetus. It xnxx hot worked quickly, and Jacqui started to doze. "You know what hurts so much, Mum? I was thinking of marriage when the call came. I was dreaming of how japan xnxx xnxx jav I would tell him about......about the magic. I was going xnxx tv to shift our shapes into images of each other while he slept, and then make fantastic love to him before he could freak out on me. Now, he's gone." She was quiet for a moment. "Now, he's gone." xnxx jav was the last thing she said before www.xnxx drifting into sleep. Laurie went into her room to get her cordless phone. She made vina garut xnxx a quick call to porn videos Bronwyn, and then took the phone into Jacqui's room and settled in a chair sex xnxx to watch over her daughter. *********************** "It is done, High Leader, as you ordered." the Chief was back in Lancaster's office. He had not even taken the time to change is urine stained trousers. "They used the Dark Power to sever his brake line and to accelerate the draining of the xnxx .com hydraulic fluid. The brakes failed on a particularly steep part of the road and he could not slow enough to control the car." The High Leader said nothing, but stared pointedly at the large desi xnxx circular stain near the porno xnxx Chief's fly, a smile playing on his lips. Then he spoke. "Very well. Now, I want the preparations for taking the girl accelerated. I don't want her meeting another boy and using him to assuage her female lusts. When will the sanctuary be ready?" "We can have everything ready to hold her indefinitely in a few weeks. The only reason we can't have it in sunny leone xnxx two weeks time is the security system. You ordered the best one available, and the supplier cannot install for another three weeks. We are already paying premiums to have them that early." Lancaster nodded. He wanted the girl, but he wanted to *keep* the girl. He would wait for the sanctuary to be fully ready. "Keep an eye on her. Don't let her get xnxx korea close to any other males. Now get out here and change those pants. You foul my air." The humiliation sex video in xnxx porno the man's xnxx cina face was a delight to Lancaster. Grinning, he admitted that fear was not the only emotion he enjoyed invoking in others. ~--------------~ A Change of Direction Chapter 26 Jacqui xnxx movies awoke slowly. Her eyes did not want to xnxx indonesia open. Something sticky was pulling at her lashes. Then https // she remembered why there was the residue of dried tears gluing her eyes closed. Marcus. Her Marcus was dead. The tears xnxx hindi started afresh as she lay in her bed where less than forty eight hours before, she had joyfully given video porno up her virginity. And now, the man she had wanted, loved and needed badly enough to make him the recipient xnxx. of that gift was xnxx japanese dead. A xnxx tamil miasma of seemingly unrelated and totally illogical emotions swirled about inside her. Love, despair, hope, xnxx asia loss, a sense of things being right and a sense of things being wrong. And a sense of something else. Something wwwxnxx dark. Something very dangerous. It was all so confusing. How could she feel hope just now, or that underpinning of xnxx cina hope? Marcus was dead. And yet, that is what she felt. One thing desi xnxx she had come to accept over the 21 months of being a woman was that what she felt or sensed did not necessarily make rational xnxx bokep sense when analyzed critically. Still, Jacqui had learned *not* to discount such intangible insights anymore. The changes in her xxxx chess play xnxx indonesia and her divination of her Mother's intent to commit suicide were proof that those feelings were important and that they meant . . . something. No, sex there was something going on. Several things, in fact, if each of those impressions meant something different. The strongest feeling was xnxx/ that the danger was not over, but even then, the hope would not go away. Jacqui needed help. She was still new enough to this intuition sense of hers that she did not know how to interpret so xnxx .com much contradictory input. She needed her Mother. Rising, she quickly dressed and then slipped out of her room. Moving quietly down the stairs, her attention was drawn to the xnxx mom sound of voices in her Mother's tamil xnxx library. Bronwyn was here talking to her Mother. So much the better, she thought grimly. She stopped just outside the door, attempting to gather herself before facing them. She did not want to break down again before she had gotten out what it was she wanted to say. Laurie was seated at her xnxx mom desk, but with chair spun away from the state of the art computer so she could face Bronwyn. Jacqui had wwwxnxx to smile. Her mother might own the best computer money could bye, she might have high speed data lines installed in the house, but she hated the things with a passion. The computer served as a word processor for her Mother's writing and as a means to xnxx sex video communicate with her editors. At least, Jacqui thought that was all she did with it. Although, with all that capability, it was also an ideal tool to deal with fixing records and xnxxcom things like that. At least, that is how Jacqui would do it. Still, that would require very sophisticated computer skills. Had her Mother been pretending to be so computer illiterate when that new machine had arrived? If not, then the Sisterhood xxnn must www xnxx com have someone inside the group who saw to the record keeping and record changing. Unless they did it by magic. "It is just too much too soon to be coincidence, Laurel. First Roberta and now Jacqui through Marcus." Bronwyn's voice www xnxx com broke into Jacqui's musings. "Two novice members of the Sisterhood attacked mere weeks apart. The report from our Sister xnxn on porno xnxx the investigating team said that she sensed the remnants of power in the failed brake line. Nothing that ordinary police methods would uncover or even recognize, but this woman is a sensitive. She says it was the Dark Power that did it, not routine wear and tear." *THAT* got Jacqui's attention. Roberta's death and Marc's death had not been xnxx videos natural or accidental? Quietly, she crept back from the door and listened. She concentrated on xnxx com opening her mind japanese xnxx as Bronwyn had been trying xnxx/ to teach her to do, tried xnxx barat to focus that strange intuitive sense she still did not fully understand, but now fully xnxx sex video accepted. "Which xnxx stories marches with what Mrs. Arnold said to Jacqui. The car had only recently been in for maintenance and inspection. No problems noted with the brakes." "The only problem is how would anyone know sex video to attack either of them. There are no records which point to them being Sisters. Very few even know that we exist. How xxx could anyone know to attack them?" Bronwyn was frustrated. https // "What could possibly site xnxx point them out as members of the Sisterhood?" A mental image of Laurie by the computer flared momentarily in Jacqui's mind again. That *was* it. Somehow, Jacqui was xnxx telugu absolutely sure of it. Her Mother was every bit as inept as she seemed. Laurie did everything by rote on a computer. She even resisted getting upgrades to software because she hated having to learn new things on the machine. The idea crystalized and became firm in her mind. Jacqui moved out of the shadows and into the library. "How good are your record changing methods?" came a soft xnxx. com voice behind them. They turned to see a wan and tired Jacqui standing in the Laurie's library door. Slowly, she moved into the room and took a chair. "Hello, darling." Laurie said gently. "What do you mean, how good are our methods?" "How complete are the record changes you make when you Transform someone? japanese xnxx How far xnxx teen reaching are the changes? What kind of checks do you make to ensure there are not free porn any remaining records xxx of the male identity?" xnxx. com Bronwyn shrugged. "Where ever we are living at the time, we make sure that no official agency has any records that show the male identity. Schools, credit cards, banks, licenses, social security and the like. It is not all that xnxxx hard to do." she said complacently. "That's all?" was Jacqui's disbelieving rejoinder. "That is really *all* you do? Just local stuff and basic government records?" xxnn There was no longer even a hint of doubt in xxnn Jacqui's mind. This was the problem. If she had been a cat, xnxx/ her fur would porn xnxx have been standing on end. Confused by the tinge of contempt in Jacqui's tones, Bronwyn answered "Well, yes. It is all we have ever needed to do. Why, Jacqui? What is wrong?" Shaking her head, Jacqui looked up. "Everything, Bronwyn. This is the Information Age. Everybody knows everything about everybody. Or at least, they can. Information is contained around the country in multiply redundant systems so that the failure of one does not cause xnnn the loss of some vital information. Some of those systems update automatically, some have to ordered to update. You xnnx with me so far?" Still uncertain where this was leading, Bronwyn nodded. "Okay, what I am proposing would take a huge amount of computing power, but it is not impossible. Suppose you were looking xnxx app for a male to female Transformee. If you could keep your records intact, all you would have to do is constantly nxxn sunny leone xnxx compare your records with someone else's records - like the old Draft Board or Social Security. So, if some number's gender changes, you have a possible Sister." Jacqui turned to his Mother. "My driver's license and my Social Security Number did not change when you gave me my new ID's, Mum. If all you did was change xnxx gay it in the main computer, and did not do some type xxn of all out Internet-wide search, then it is a good bet that mom xnxx somewhere out there is still records of John Donovan." The sex xnxx two older women looked stunned. Then another thought hit Jacqui. "And that only assumes no one is looking. If some one is xnxx selingkuh looking, he would mirror key databases, and then lock his own system down so japanese xnxx he could search off line, too." Laurie was the first to speak. "You are serious about this, Jacqui? This is possible?" "Mum, how do you think I got the data on Wicca? If you have not changed every computer in the country, the information is probably xxxx still out there and available." Jacqui stood and went over to her Mother's computer, and logged on to her Mother's account. She did not use her own since her Mother's had porn the login script already set. Once xnx zoo xnxx online, she set up a quick web search looking for clues to "John David Donovan." Grim-faced, Bronwyn watched as the screen scrolled. As she mom xnxx had been those months ago when xnxx indonesia Bonnie had watched Jacqui worked, she was awed and frightened at this power she did not completely understand. The computer chimed several times, locating information on other sex videos "John David Donovan"s before a fateful "ding" heralded the discovery of their John David Donovan. Almost amused, Jacqui said. "I'd all but forgotten about that one. My interest in them disappeared along with the collection of classic comic books Mom sent away the day of my Transformation." The record was in the computer of a comic book locator group, whose mission was to find and sell collector comic books. "Anyway, you can see what I mean. And that did not take all that xnxx indian long." Bronwyn xnxx app turned to xxx videos Laurie. "That means that practically every Sister is at risk." She said, her voice quavering. "I'd say the newest of us are at the most risk." Jacqui said distractedly. "Those who were Transformed indo xnxx before the early 1980's and the wide spread proliferation of small computers are probably fairly safe." Both women noted the use xvideo of the word vidio xnxx "us" with surprise, but porn said nothing about that. "Then I will start by warning those members to take special precautions, before I alert the rest of the Sisterhood. After that, we have to find xnxn out who is doing this and how." "Easier said than done, Bronwyn. As I sex said, the whole thing xnxxx can be done offline. You are going to have to hope they've made a mistake if I am going xnxx porno to find them." "You?" her eyebrow cocked in surprise. "If *you* site xnxx are going to find them?" For the first time she'd been told of her lover's death, a real smile flitted across Jacqui's face. xnnx "It's not like either of you have any hope of porno finding anything. Now, th